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Our Story

EarlDabs was founded in 2012 after Earl's father, David, was diagnosed with stage-4 bladder cancer. At the time he was given 6-months to live. Our family was devastated, and the only course of treatment offered would make him weaker and sicker before he got healthier. We knew there had to be a better way,. out of necessity our family and community got together & EarlDabsLabs was created. Within the first few weeks we noticed a change in Earl's father's health and with the help of surgery to remove his bladder, against all odds he recovered and lived another 10 years. we have since helped tens-of-thousands of Canadians & become one of the most recognizable names specializing in boutique cannabis extracts and edibles in Canada

Sadly, Earl's Father passed away on September 8th, 2021

His story is the foundation for the last ten years of our growth and success

Now that he is gone, we have chosen to follow a new path and create an entirely different cannabis experience that will empower our community, aid cancer research, and invest in cannabinoid therapy to learn how it plays an important role in cancer treatment


Join EDL and get access to exclusive members-only benefits including our community lounge, EarlDabs Loot Bags, free NFTs, Charity Fundraisers, Custom Glass Art, & Judges Passes to rate some of the best 420-Products in Canada.

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