Purple Urkle  x  [ DJ Shorts Blueberry x Sour Diesel ]

Originating from Northern California, EarlDabsLabs is the only legitimate source of this variant of Purple Dragon in Canada. As our original Signature Genotype, Purple Dragon remains our most popular & sought after genetic. Impressive flowers boast a surprising colour spectrum with some of the most exquisite shades of purple. Her intense berry flavour is beautifully accompanied by tastes of citrus, cotton candy, raspberries and bourbon. The high is soothing and calming with a strong body buzz, lasting for hours. As with all the EarlDabsLabs Labs Genetics, seeds are not available.


Pre'98 Bubba Kush  x  [ Pre'98 Bubba Kush x Pre'98 Bubba Kush ]

Aptly named after the goddess of wisdom, Athena is our most cerebral and thought provoking genotype. Growing short and dense, with tight inter-nodal spacing and impressively sized buds. Athena is as our highest yielding genotype per m3, achieving well over our expected 1g/watt ratio.

She has large, dark green buds with vibrant red hairs. Her kushy & skunky flavours shine through delivering a remarkably clear high. Athena takes you on a journey of thought and self discovery with heavily sedating effects. Let Athena relax your body, while alleviating pain, muscle stiffness and tension. As with all the EarlDabsLabs Genetics, seeds are not available.


Grand Daddy Purple  x  [ Girl Scout Cookies x Gorilla Glue #4 ]

The sweet grape taste of "Grand-Daddy Purple" and sharp, spicy flavour of "Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies" are perfectly balanced with the scent of dark chocolate from the "Chocolate Diesel" lineage of "Gorilla Glue #4".

Experience the exceptional taste, powerful high and a dynamic profile, effective for both daytime and nighttime use. Whether used recreationally or medicinally, this is a must-try genotype for those who are serious about the quality of their Cannabis. As with all the EarlDabsLabs Genetics, seeds are not available.


God's Green Crack  x  Grand Daddy Purple

Delicious, vibrant and up-lifting. She has an incredible floral scent and intense honey flavour, exploding with hibiscus and honeysuckle. Her flavour profile permeates your senses and develops on your palette, taking several minutes to fully experience her complexity. The high is vivaciously energetic and creative with an extraordinary feeling of joy and contentment. As with all the EarlDabsLabs Genetics, seeds are not available.


DJ Short's Blueberry  x  Skunk #1

Tall, vigorous growth and long skinny leaves and just a few of the unique characteristics of this wonderful hybrid. Bursting with fresh berries, mint leaves, lemon oil and vanilla, and, complimented by a strong smell of "Haze", her sweet and spicy scent usually dominates all other odours.

Her buds are long, with conical calyxes and pointed ends, sparkling in crystal and covered in trichomes. This is a remarkable genotype, bringing relaxation to a whole new level while stimulating an almost pure euphoria. As with all the EarlDabsLabs Genetics, seeds are not available.