This is our most requested extract. Using proprietary stabilizing techniques in sub-zero conditions, we create a fully winterized absolute, that is dry-vacuum-purged for a minimum of 96-hours. The result is a very slow release of solvent, leaving behind thousands of air pockets throughout the extract giving it a "bee hive" quality. Included in the full range of bonds are C-30 triterpenes, chlorophyll, flavonoids, anthocyanin pigments, and plant waxes giving our honeycomb the benefits of whole plant medicine.

Our honeycomb often contains THCa percentages in the high 70's, with most of the remaining makeup consisting of mono and sesquiterpenes, essential oils and plant waxes. As with all our extracts, we always start by freezing our solvent to extract with subzero butane. This significantly reduces the extraction rate because the longer chain C-30 molecules only bond at a temperature below that of the C-10 through C-22 molecules.

We only use medical grade n-Butane, which is pre-distilled to 99.99% purity before extractions. Not only does this help retain more C-10 molecules, but also purges at a low heat, taking more time to remove the solvent, achieving a honeycomb effect, every time. The lower heat reduces loss of anthocyanin-glucosides (plant sugars), which are easily caramelized by heat, further adding to the full spectrum effects of our honeycomb.


With a texture just dry enough to pick up with your fingers, yet still tacky enough to stick together, budder is our personal favourite here at EarlDabsLabs. It is quite dense, and, even a small dab can produce an abundance of vapour.

We begin by freezing not only the solvent, but also our material. This further helps reduce the extraction rate because C-30 molecules are a longer chain and only bond at very low temperature.

We only use triple refined iso-Butane to create our budder which is then VacOven purged at an accelerated rate, using a low heat with specialized techniques to ensure terpene retention.

As a result, it takes less time to evaporate and we achieve a denser effect, every time.


Utalizing both Dry Vacuum and VacOven-Purging, we create a very light and aerated extract, that crumbles to the touch. As with all the EarlDabsLabs extracts, we ensure the full range of bonds; C-30 triterpenes, chlorophyll, flavonoids, anthocyanin pigments, and plant waxes all come together to offer the benefits of whole plant medicine.

Our crumble often has THCa levels in the low 90% range, with most of the remaining makeup consisting of essential oils, plant waxes and mono and sesquiterpenes.

We start with a mixed hydrocarbon of 30% n-Butane / 70% iso-butane, polarized to sub-zero temperatures. After extraction, we evaporate the solvent from the extract without using heat at first, gradually increasing temperature.

As a result of using both hot and cold purging techniques, we can create an airy and extremely concentrated extract that literally crumbles, every time.


Ever wonder why you love some genotypes, while others just don't work for you? Well, whether you know it or not, you have experienced what has now been dubbed as "the entourage effect". Secreted by the same glands that produce cannabinoids, terpenes are the aromatic essential oils that flavour and scent cannabis. Perhaps more than any other component of cannabis, terpenes play the most fundamental role in differentiating the effects of various genotypes. Some terpenes are sedative and promote relaxation and stress-relief, while others are energetic and promote focus and acuity.

There are over 100 different terpenes that have been identified in cannabis, and every genotype offers a unique terpene profile and composition. The effect of any given cannabinoid may change in the presence of different terpenes, in a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. Their differences can be subtle or extreme, and in all cases, terpenes add great depth to the feelings and sensations you get from cannabis. Terpenes also have additional medical values on their own, as they mediate our body's interaction with dozens of chemicals.

The single most valuable thing Cannabis terpenes have to offer, is their ability to "reset" the CB-receptors throughout the body. As we consume cannabinoids, our CB-receptors regulate how fast the active compounds can pass the blood-brain-barrier. When you smell and taste a genotype you love, the CB-receptors open and become more responsive. This accelerates the absorption of cannabinoids so you feel the effects of cannabis more rapidly. In contrast, ingesting terpenes you dislike will close and inhibit the CB-receptors, slowing the intake of cannabinoids.

Natural cannabis terpenes contain over 600 molecules and compounds that comprise their chemical makeup. Lab synthesized botanical terpene blends may often exhibit the same profile as some genotypes, however, they usually contain no more than 40 different molecules and compounds.

There are multiple processes and technologies involved in terpene separation, and a variety of ways to isolate and extract terpenes from cannabis. We use steam distillation, cold trapping, modified vapour vacuum distillation, and, catalytic separation to extract the widest range of essential oils possible.

Cake Batter

Our cake batter is any one of our wax extracts that has been carefully infused with the optimal ratio of additional cannabis terpenes. This greatly increases potency through the "entourage effect", making CAKE BATTER one of the most effective extracts we produce. The resulting consistency resembles that of moist dough.

Whether augmented with terpenes from the same genotype as the extract, or with a completely different profile, each unique blend drastically changes the effects, and, this balance creates a wider range of medicinal benefits.

This is a must try for those serious about their concentrates.

Terp Nectar

Typically containing 30-40% THCa and 40-55% terpenes, our terp-nectar is a terpene enriched, liquid THCa oleoresin. Using techniques found only at the EarlDabsLabs, we begin by performing a single solvent pass with a mixed hydrocarbon, to create a full spectrum concentrate, allowing the biomolecules to remain unchanged. While still in aqueous phase, we introduce pure cannabis terpenes, also extracted at our labs, to a >5% solution by volume.

Then, using proprietary equipment and specialized techniques, we have developed a method to isolate the terpene rich essential oil layer. However, before isolation is complete, we separate the forming terpene rich layers without altering the biochemistry of the extract. This ensures our terp-nectar contains a well rounded THCa-terpene profile. Then, we continue to purge the extract until >99.97% of the solvent has been removed, and our liquid THCa oleoresin is further enhanced, once again using pure cannabis terpenes. The re-introduction of natural hydrocarbons from the terpenes at this stage heightens the effects of the extract and increases bioavailability.

Whether enjoyed on its own, or used to augment the profile of any of your favourite extracts, the result is an exceptionally strong concentrate, that is remarkably flavourful.

Just the smallest drop is needed to achieve extraordinary effects.

Terp Sap

With ranges typically from 75-85% THCa and anywhere from 4-19% terpenes, TERP SAP is a Terpene enriched, semi-solid THCa oleoresin, which is usually enjoyed on its own, but can also be used to augment the profile of any of your favourite extracts.

Made as a result of creating our terp nectar, TERP SAP is the cannabinoid rich layer that forms underneath the essential oils. Using proprietary equipment and specialized techniques, we have developed a method to isolate each oleoresin, without altering the biochemistry of the extracts. However, before seperation is complete, the terp nectar is removed and the semi-formed cannabinoid layer is left on the bottom.

This process ensures our TERP SAP contains a >2% (by volume) essential oil component. We continue to purge the extract until >99.97% of the solvent has been removed, and, it is then matured for several weeks. This typically forces a natural reaction of the THCa to form crystals commonly referred to as "sugars". TERP SAP always contains a TERP NECTAR element, typically around 6%. It is a sign of quality for these layers to continue to naturally separate over time.

Hash Rosin

Our hash rosin is first extracted and then, utilizing mechanical separation, at precisely controlled temperatures, we further concentrate our already spectacular hash, without the use of solvents. Using proprietary techniques, we meticulously create our hash rosin in small batches (approx 2-grams at a time) ensuring that each batch is one of the cleanest and strongest rosins found anywhere in Canada.

We use specially formulated techniques to ensure not only an incredibly potent product, but also one of the most flavourful rosins you will ever have.

Solventless THCa

To create the finest THCa, it starts with the plants; how they were grown and when they were harvested. There is a specific moment during flowering that is best to harvest for THCa production and fresher, more recently harvested crops, contain the highest levels of THCa.

Often thought to be the direct precursor to THC, recent studies have shown that THCa is actually the precursor to CBGa (cannabigerolic-acid), which then gets converted to THC through oxidocyclization, with the natural assistance of the enzyme THCa-synthase. By harvesting at a precise moment, we can control the natural development of the isomers and choose when the cannabinoid levels are at the absolute best for THCa extraction.

Grown & extracted at the EarlDabsLabs, we refine and enhance the extract using proprietary techniques. We always create our solventless THCa in small batches (approx 1-gram at a time) meticulously ensuring that each batch is one of the purest and most potent isolates found anywhere in Canada. We use specially formulated techniques, utilizing mechanical separation, at precise and controlled temperatures, to naturally separate >96% of the THCa from the extract, without the use of solvents.

Our solventless THCa consists of two isomers: THCa-A, in which the carboxyl group is in the 1st position, between the hydroxyl group and the carbon chain, as well as THCa-B, in which the carboxyl group is in the 3rd position, following the carbon chain.

Unlike THCa found in other extracts, our solventless THCa is very stable and will take up to 10x longer to decarboxylate into THC during storage. Also, once heated or burned, the decarboxylation is rapid but not complete, thereby achieving the benefits of both THC and THCa. This has been proven in test results, as THCa was detectable in people who smoked or otherwise consumed our solventless THCa extract.